Sunday, December 23, 2007

"ol' man winter" is here........and he's definitely gonna hang out for a while.

I'm a transplant to the west coast - I grew up in Maine & New Hampshire, spent 20+ years in the Washington DC area, before moving to San Francisco in 1992.

Back east? ...winter is unavoidable, unless you are in the deep south - 'Flaw-rida', some place like that...
On the west coast, in California, it's negotiable...and/or optional,
and quite different from the east coast.

I have heard California described as a place that is season-less, in some ways - you've probably heard the pitch, & seen pictures or gotten postcards of bodacious young things on the beach, with surfboards....
That's very 'L.A.' ...not very representative of the whole state.
Or maybe it's just advertising at it's most... uh...creative best?

At the northern CA. coast, winter means rain, lots of it.
(Snow?? ... i think that's something that only appears very briefly below 3000 ft.elev. ........ and disappears about the same time the frivolous novelty factor has worn off. If I wanted to see some, I could drive there in a few hours, but thank you, no.
& I NEVER want to pick up a snow shovel again.)

So to get back to something relating to photography?... winter brings much more interesting skies, & clouds.

Here's a couple of recent ones: