Saturday, May 22, 2010

"Ready or Not"

#1 of 2 images I worked on, during one day, 4/17/10.
But first....!
A lot of things in the 'whatever catches my eye' file this time:
Travel - N.Y.Times:
Rugged Country, Rugged History in California’s Owens Valley
I haven't been to the places mentioned above, though I have driven through Owens Valley:
(the top 4 images in the white background)

Signs of Neanderthals Mating With Humans:
Neanderthals mated with some modern humans after all and left their imprint in the human genome, a team of biologists has reported in the first detailed analysis of the Neanderthal genetic sequence.

My questions are:
What does Hugh Hefner think about this?? ;-)
...and... is this why some days I 'just feel a little bit mean'?

The SFMOMA Museum panel asks, 'Is photography over?'
The link in this article to the SFMOMA material does not work - this/below, does.

"But when virtually every antique process — daguerreotype, tintype, and cyanotype; albumen, salt, platinum-palladium, and wet-plate collodion printing — has been revived over the past few decades, there's no reason to think gelatin silver will disappear totally anytime soon. There's never been just one kind of photography, and now there are many."
Yep, definitely.

I've always been a typophile (is that a word? I hope so - it's just 'someone who appreciates typography, big-time'.)
And this/below is good news:

Why Arizona Drew a Line
I totally agree w/ the AZ law!

Now, on to photography!

This one started w/ the collection of stuff at the bottom. It was shot in the Marin Headlands a decade or so ago, as some kind of display, lying on the ground, of what soldiers packed when they went off to war duty (I think that's what is was, anyway). Some gloves, some matches, some soap, a clean pair of socks, a straight razor.
Compared to what troops pack now in Iraq, these guys were definitely ill-equipped, to say the least.
What I connected/juxtaposed this with was a 'landscape' of some kind, whatever sort of place someone might pack this stuff for the trip. I got quite a few of those, from many places in the desert. 'A nice thought'...but they were all pretty sunny and bright landscapes... and I'm no where near ready to pour out some dektol into a tray yet.
This definitely needs 'something else'. And it would/should..not be sunny and bright.
It needed to be something exactly opposite of that.
...back to sifting thru contact sheets...until...! :-) ....
I find a shot taken in Nevada, a year or so ago - a VERY cold and severe mountainous landscape - the Pentax shutter froze up pretty quickly, but I got off a few frames.
(I love this camera, the 55mm lense is sooo sharp, you can slice slice salami with it. ;-) )
The juxtaposition of the two was great - 'hot and cold'... but not 'there' for a print yet, it still needed something else.

I came upon a neg shot years ago at Rhyolite, a ghost town of sorts at the NE end of Death Valley. It's the shadow of myself cast upon a ruined building's basement.
This managed to do an excellent negative/positive thing, between top and bottom.
NOW I am getting somewhere :-)
And that's how I printed it.
A larger view, with the negatives contributing ( 'partners in crime', aren't they? ;-) ):

As for the 'title' inspiration?

Michael Hedges - 'Ready or not' - studio version

or a live version:

"As the whole world turns us around
I keep hearing life's echo sound
songs of rhyming, meeting, hiding
somehow... ready or not!"

RIP Michael - you have many imitators... but no equals.