Monday, July 4, 2011

Be happy now

"Wherever you go, there you are."
"Be happy now, with whatever you have, or have been given".

Both the above, good words to live by. Give it a try.

It's July 4, when Americans celebrate their independence.
OK, you say: 'how independent are we if congress is ruled by special interests'?... or perhaps one of many other complaints about our democratic system. Someone well known was quoted as saying something like "Democracy is a messy, fractured way of getting things done, a far less than perfect way of governing... until you compare it w/ any other way of governing." (Then it looks pretty damned good, doesn't it?)
Yep, ain't it the truth! Would you rather be in the USA... or Libya? Or Pakistan??
(yeah, i thought so, you aren't moving there anytime soon.)

Buddhist thought says that 'desires' are the root of of our human problems. Yes, indeed.
I don't subscribe to ANY religion, but if i could be caught adhering to any, it would be buddhism.
....and I think our (western) constant desires for... more, more, MORE!"... are whacked.
Who really needs a 'McMansion' in the 'burbs?
Or a triple cheeseburger w/ a ridiculous amount of fat and salt?

While i was writing this, i checked my yahoo email, and here was one of the articles on yahoo news:

"From a $500 towel to a $2,600 bottle of water, items that aren't worth the money."

Enuf said.
Time to get our heads fixed, find a new direction. I'll suggest one: "less is more".
Here's a page w/ a few images, and of course, some accompanying text/comments, about keeping your head screwed on right, appreciating what you have, enjoying whatever you encounter.
Alotta the best things in life are free... happiness is one of them.
Hope you enjoy... and turn off yer computer sometime soon..... and dig the real world.