Saturday, September 3, 2016

'The Pass' - lots of improvisation

Yes, improvisation, 'darkroom printing, without a net' so to speak is a really nice thing. And Photoshop has a way subverting that. Here's the P'shop sketch that got it started:

I like the white space/hi-lite in the notch of the rocks, it draws the viewer in. There's nothing there... but what is 'beyond' nothing?

(Above, the 1 frame/negative.)

(And the stark stormy Joshua Tree)

That's an interesting question in and of itself - what is beyond nothing, white space, an opening?

This one was all improvisation, first i exposed the rocky landscape at the bottom, then burned in 3 variations of the Joshua Tree at the top. 

I am OK w/ the white space between the rocks in the first three... but for #4 it was time for something 'different' - which was another Joshua Tree, and a last and final one, much smaller, in the notch in the rocks.

Here's the neg:

And the print:

Which is 'better'? Viewers choice.

In the 'whatever catches my eye' file, all worth your time:

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