Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Darkroom 2014 pages - Open for viewing!

Well, i just finished my 'Darkroom 2014' pages:


..and realize i have really fallen behind on covering my 'under a dim red bulb' excursions, and several other related meanderings.
I try to crank it up a notch, post a bit mo' often, so i won't be talking about 2014 in 2016.
(Hope you enjoy the 2014 work.)

Am i as prolific as i was 20 years ago? Hell, no - at 63, i am slowin' down abit - for one thing, bending over that easel and those trays with a sciatic back? ..after a couple of days i am one 'hurtin'-and-a-moanin' dude'.

But i am still finding that 'the lights (in my head) always go on' no matter how many years it's been. And it's been many years.
At first, i pulled out all the plugs, went wacko. This one was done in... i dunno, 1989? 1990?
27 negatives (=exposures) done over 2 days, selenium toned and then some hand coloring.

Now, i am reacting to all the 'over-the-top' -ness of digital with 'less is more'... keeping it real simple, negatives very well chosen, and very well composed:

This one is just 2 negs/exposures, a vast desert landscape, dodged back in the middle,
and the stairway at an abandoned motel by the Salton Sea burnt into the center.

I am trying to pass on whatever i have learned, and it's all free:


No credit card required, no email address necessary so you could be bombed w/ selling propositions, none of that shit.
If you've got questions? the 'Bobster' is available, 24/7/365