Sunday, August 2, 2015

Darkroom - "cinema au verso"

The title comes from the latin 'au verso' for 'on the other side', but i meant it in another way, as in 'in reverse'.
This one is like cinema in reverse - there's a large light (the sun) projected on a canvas (the earth), then framed and focused down to a small square of light in the lower left corner, it's that small square that made me take this frame.
it's the large empty/vacant spaces that begged for clarification, embellishment.
This one came to me as a concept - i wanted to subvert the flat empty spaces, somehow, some way.

At the top left, i burned in some Red Rock Canyon formations, i love they way they blend in, all the way to the lower left corner - Purr-fect!
For the light area of the wall?...  a stack of stones, a sculpture of sorts found on the beach.
I did three variations on this one - these stones were the last exposure.
I wasn't that keen on how the sky to the right of the stones worked out, i would have preffered to have no sky there, but it's in the neg. Maybe a case for 'hybrid' here? Or maybe some creative handcoloring/retouching?

Photoshop has cast this spell that we must tweak everything til it's perfect.
I don't fall for that very often, but in this case, i tweaked the sky at the right, and the lowest rock just a wee bit. I probably could have done this in the darkroom w/ a copy print, but this is a whole easier.
Wanna see this images a bit larger?
You got it!

In the intermittent 'whatever catches my eye' file, here's a couple of interesting links:

When Computers Go Down, It’s Not Always a Hack
By Vikas Bajaj
July 8, 2015 3:18 pm

I quote from the article:

"If anything, recent technical failures are an important reminder that we are increasingly reliant on systems that can be quite unstable and insecure."
Yes, indeed.

Definitely worth a click, and if you've never seen the book?
Correct that !!ASAP!!