Tuesday, July 22, 2008

RE: my RSS and Atom feeds - I am a caveman!

I've done the best I can do to check all the right boxes in the blogspot preferences to make
this available ('syndicated') to one and all....according to the help info, that should take care of it,
but like everything in the digital world, nothing is as simple as it is presented to be... Nothing!
One source of checking (I guess 'validating' is the correct term?) tells me i am validated
(but 'could use some improvement').... another disagrees w/ that.
To me, it looks like the Atom feed is a-workin'... but the RSS isn't.
Do I know how to fix or reconcile this?
Hell, no.
The amount of html/code i can deal with, wouldn't fill more than a bottle cap...
and never will.
I went to webmonkey.com to see if anything there would help.
I was in waaay over my head in no time flat.
I think my rating on their most amusing scale would be this:


Since I am pretty good photographer, and a very good printer, I'm not gonna lose any sleep over it.
If the aforementioned 'feeds' aren't working for you, let me know - maybe, just maybe, I can deal w/ a mailing list.
FWIW, I usually post every couple of weeks or so... but I don't post something just to meet some artificial deadline.
The next few posts will definitely be 'darkroom'...:-)

Happy 'whatever-you-do-that-turns-you-on' to you...!
& 'best wishes' from northern California...to one and all.