Saturday, April 30, 2016

Beach Bones

This one uses a technique i have only used once before, to my recollection.
The background (the rippling sand and distant horizon) was done simply, quickly, as a 14x18" print, just the bottom dodged out close to middle, and the top dodged out close to the middle - for me - simple stuff.
The 'bones' (human skeleton) was shot on a beach at Patrick's point SP in Nor. Cal.
I printed it out at the size i wanted it to be on the 14x18" print. The neg includes all the many footprints of the sculptures makers, it's a noisy cacophony i don't want to include. 

So I don't - i trim out the bones, very VERY carefully w/ an exacto blade. I spray-glue the back of that, and paste it onto the 'beach' background. Yes you have to be very very good w/ an exacto.
Then did the same as i have done w/ many 16x20 montage prints, 'one of a kind' - shot a 4x5 copy neg. 
The print i make from this is the finish/ final print. 

"Dust to dust, ashes to ashes, we all fall down"

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Desert trip:

California beach trip:
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In the 'whatever catches my eye' file, this one definitely did, and it deserves EVERYone's attention:

'Monotasking Gets a Makeover'

By VERENA von PFETTENAPRIL 29, 2016 - NY Times 

"Stop what you’re doing.
Well, keep reading. Just stop everything else that you’re doing.

Mute your music. Turn off your television. Put down your sandwich and ignore that text message. While you’re at it, put your phone away entirely. (Unless you’re reading this on your phone. In which case, don’t. But the other rules still apply.)
Just read.
You are now monotasking."

Yes... drop everything and read this article!!!