Friday, May 29, 2009

Do you read the New York Times?

Well, if not, perhaps you should give it a try.
IMHO, they consistently produce/publish the most interesting news reports anywhere..
( I guess you can't quite call it a news'paper' anymore, it's just not that simple)
Here's a few relevant samples:

Why Newspapers Can’t Be Saved, but the News Can
By Eric Etheridge

Polaroid Lovers Try to Revive Its Instant Film (5/26/09)

"Marta Bukowska, a partner in Basic Model Management in New York, said that digital cameras had entirely displaced Polaroid for the workaday tasks of scouting talent, pitching clients, and beginning a photo shoot. About 18 months ago, the agency stopped using Polaroids regularly because digital is much less expensive, but still gets requests to capture that “high-quality, old-fashioned look” with a genuine instant photo.
“It used to be something you use for a lighting test,” Ms. Bukowska said. “Now it is the art itself.”

From a follow up article published today:

"At first, we were merely amazed. Hundreds of readers answered our request on Tuesday for their Polaroid photographs, in response to an article in The Times about efforts afoot in the Netherlands to reinvent instant film. By the time we closed the submission gates on Thursday morning, 932 of your pictures had arrived.
Our amazement, however, soon gave way to grateful and respectful astonishment. The quality of the work was even more impressive than the quantity......"

"Smile and Say ‘No Photoshop’ "

No photoshop? They're kidding, right?? They aren't, and I'm happy to hear it!

"I'll be back" ;-) in a few days, w/ some Nevada digital montage things... which are, definitely, photoshop.
But have no fear, I haven't succumbed completely to the 'dark side'(digital) yet! - there's a good bit of 'darkroom' coming up after that.