Sunday, April 19, 2009

Aaah, Simplicity! - 'The Viewpoint'

This one is very simple - just two images - that's it.
But they've made a rather mysterious place, haven't they?

Which brings up the whole topic of image making vis a vis the ridiculous amount of tweaking that can be done these days, digitally.
You've probably already guessed that I don't think too much of that.
Here's something I suggest you check out:
the last sentence in this 4.5 minute video?
"I dare any magazine to publish just one issue w/ out any retouching"

I don't think any magazine will take up this challenge.
In my darkroom, there isn't any choice about this, whatever I print *is*, as it is, and that's it.
I like it that way, ain't gonna change it, ever.