Sunday, April 26, 2015

More Darkroom - "Unbound"

Here' the photoshop sketch:

and the final print:

It's simple, but it has mystery - what more could you ask for??
The sky is.. open. The rope is a constraint, Where does one end, the other begin?
It's a very simple technically, the sky gets dodged out from top to bottom, the rope gets dodged out from bottom to top.
For me, it's always about the same two things:
Shooting negs that 'come together' thanks to some sixth sense i have in what i shoot...
and composing/choosing the right ones to print with.

I am not interested in the oh so fancy and overworked photoshopped things done these days.
Puh-leeze, get TF outta here.
In simplicity there is focus, and in focus, there is power. It's that simple.

I gave this one the hand color treatment:

To add a digital note: I notice that digital cameras and scanners 'see' things differently than the human eye.
(Shouldn't be a surprise, film does, too)
I notice this at my part time day job, at a digital photo and giclee printing operation, and I notice it in the scans i make on the Epson flat bed scanner there ( 12x17+").
"(Digital) Color management" has come a long way in recent years, but hey, guess what? it's not a perfect world, is it?

As usual, larger images at a page on my website:

Saw an article in the SF Chronicle about a show of Richard Misrach's prints at the Fraenkel Gallery in SF. A good friend gifted me with a hardback copy of his book 'Desert Cantos'. Absolutely beautiful.


I think this might have something to do with the 'sixth sense' i mentioned above. I think.

The Muddied Meaning of ‘Mindfulness’

Don't know how I stumbled on this, but was reminded immediately of how much I like the paintings by Hieronymus-Bosch when i got into art many years ago.
My Mom took us kids to see good classic new england painters, Winslow Homer, Andrew Wyeth.
I had an open mind...

and this guy blew me away.