Saturday, June 24, 2017

Old muscles never need a tune up

Where do ideas/images like this one come from?
Where does inspiration for images like this reside?
Ask me no questions, I'll tell you no lies. Perhaps it comes from pondering our recent drought... which has now reversed itself, and may well become floods this spring/summer. The west has been shaped by water, you can't help but look at the desert and not see that no matter how dry it is now, it's sloping playas were formed by water, massive amounts of it.
In this image you are looking at Mono Lake, the horizon in the middle, and what's called tufa rising from it.
Just below the horizon, a few tumbled boulders leak a bit of the water into the foreground - the lake is ...drying...?
The tumbled boulders are from Tioga Pass (above Yosemite), at 8,000+ feet elevation. What and how does anything get tossed around at that elevation??
Don't ask me, ask a geologist.

Here's the contact sheets:

And here's a digitally colored version:

I've always liked this one frame, just one person, sitting... thinking, i suppose., or hope.
A tree grows behind him, several 'rolling stones' frame him.

From the 'whatever catches my eye' file, this one deserves your attention:

Many of the other creatures we share the planet with are a lot smarter than previously given credit for.
And we are plundering the planet in more ways than you can imagine: