Sunday, August 3, 2008

Using Perspective

Someone left a comment on the previous post "Darkroom!! :-) - 'Desert Distance' :

"I noticed with your inspiration desk blog and this one how perspective of the photos can be important. Is (the) perspective (of) the element(s) what ties a lot of the more complex photos together?"

After I read this, I glanced up at the wall above my monitor, and what's hanging there?
This 10 year old print of mine, 'Lizard, Disappearing".

So the short answer is..." yes, definitely - I use that a lot."
You'll notice that even though the perspective may be the same or complimentary (and ties things together), other things are incongruous/conflicting - the tension between the two makes it interesting & surreal.

That's not the only thing I use to tie things together, though - this topic could easily turn into a future post... :-)