Sunday, December 6, 2015

I'm self publishing now!

 After 20+ years of making darkroom photomontage, and not being able to get arrested for it, I am publishing photo books i make with Blurb, getting them on Amazon.
I recently published a revised version of the 'California Beach Trip' images - marvelous and mind-bending B&W darkroom montage images - done almost 20 years ago for a multimedia company that never used them.
The first version was a 'pull out all the stops' thing, adding many new digital images, & overlaying text on the images. i asked two excellent designer friends of mine what they thought, and both answered the same - 'get back to basics, just the B&W, use very little text, & don't put it on the images'.
I took their advice. So here it is, hope you enjoy - it is also much more affordable, fewer images and no blank pages. Add a copy to your bookshelf, or buy the e-Book ( if you can find it, i couldn't but then again i am not that savvy to eBooks) - now that's affordable!

On Amazon

On Blurb:

Yes, there are 3 different URL's, which seem to work differently on various browsers/systems - one of them will work for you, i sure hope!

The preview can't show all the images, but you can see them at the link below.

I've got a couple more books waiting in the wings:

Above, the cover, below an inner page.

The third book, a surreal visual and somewhat philosopical trip.

That's all for now - "Ah'll be back" just like the Terminator/'Ahnold' said.