Saturday, November 18, 2017

Seven sisters

If i come upon a few negs months ago, and make a montage, ...and then come back to the same negs/montage months later, unknowingly and most circuitously, and do another somewhat different montage.... am i repeating myself, wandering in the woods?
Or rather recirculating, revising, updating, improving?

This collection of rocks is called 'seven sisters', there are of course,
seven of them, all 50 ft. tall.

Here's the contact sheet:

I'm not sure, not sure i care which is which.
The color version was first, the B and W was second.

Just switching the orientation of the octillo (?)(foreground) changed everything.
Now the highlighted upper branch extends into the rock at the left in a different way, it's the same image, sort of, but not the same.

Soooo... here's 'hats off' to a second time 'round.

In the 'whatever catches my eye' file:

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