Saturday, July 12, 2008

Darkroom again - 'The Fog Desk'

A few years ago, I took a ride up the coast to Ft. Ross State Historical Park, it's about half an hour north of Jenner, Ca.

It's a nicely done restoration, if that's the right word - at least I got some frames that proved to be worth the trip, and then some.(Actually the ride was done along w/ three other guys, two of them visiting from the east coast, and when easterners get to Ca.?.. they tend to go a little wacko - there was always at least one open beer in the car, and a pipe was used liberally....but never by the driver!
Maybe that's just 'the easterners I know' that get that wacky...?
Whatever the case, it was a great day trip - Thank you Dan & Walter, just for being yourselves!)

I've used the desk in front of the window before:

...but since it's definitely an image that could be used in different ways,
I wanted to try another variation, this time with some fog wafting through trees at Pt Reyes.

It's a really simple print - the desk/chair is burned in to the center thru that oh-so-handy black card with a circular hole in the middle... and the surrounding foggy forest exposed around all sides - I exposed the whole image, but held back most of the center with a simple circle of black paper, held by a thin wire, so I could wave it around in the center and leave no trace of it around the sides. Real, real simple.

So to continue the 'thread' from a previous image post ( the 'Inspiration Desk')...

"...if you were to sit down at this desk, what would the topic of study be?
Would a teacher or guide of some sort appear?"

In this case, there are tools of various sorts on the desk...
& there isn't anything visible thru the window....
Sooo... maybe it's an invitation of sorts?
In times like these, we could all use a quiet place to sit down, and ponder it all, right?

If it's a bit of an enigma, that's fine with me.

Larger images at: