Monday, April 7, 2008

On the importance of skies - Part 1

The sky above us?
What a marvelous thing! - we manage to be shielded from the worst of the sun's radiation/UV waves, our planet is hospitable to life as we know it, which can only exist within a very small range of temperatures.
Well, most of it, anyway - microbes that survive in arctic ice, and whatever lives next to vents in the sea floor ..are the 'outer limits'.. on this planet, anyway. And that's still a range of only a few hundred degrees.
The atmosphere?.... 21% oxygen - splitting the difference between 25%, at which point EVERYthing would burn...
and 15%, at which point NOthing would burn.

B-B-But wait... this isn't a science's 'sposed to be a photo blog.

The sky is still very important - It can make or break a landscape shot.
It can make or break a montage image, too.

I live just a few miles north of the Golden Gate bridge, in Marin county, California - All the weather here comes from the Pacific ocean, heading east.
Winter is my favorite season, here. I sure didn't feel that way back east - winter meant snow, unavoidable snow! Bummer.
In Ca., snow is a choice - You want some? - go to Yosemite, the mountains, Lassen or Mt. Shasta.
You don't?...go to Santa Cruz - do the boardwalk. Or to Monterey, & play some golf.

The winter storms bring all kinds of interesting skies -
All kinds of energy & turbulence, hitting the land.

Here's a few recent images.
Sky meets land.... 'Silverwizard' gets camera... :-)