Sunday, July 22, 2007

First Post: 7/22/07

Initially I was going to call this blog: 'Silver & Silicon'..
Because I am a traditional (chemical/darkroom) photographer, who specializes in black and white - in particular, black & white photomontage. So that's where the 'silver' part came from.
The 'silicon' came from...
( a (silver) star for you, if you've already guessed it - paste it in the middle of your forehead!)... computers!
( an incredible tool ...and an incredible curse, on all of us!)
But then it occured to me that this title would attract only metallurgists(sic?) and commodity traders...
which is NOT what I had in mind.......
Soooo.... it's become....
"The Beach Blog - a traditional photographer who's managing to make sense of a digital world...(and actually enjoying it much of the time!)
A much better title.

What will I be talking about?...
- Both the above topics (silver & silicon), and anything else that wanders into my sights:
- Life in Northern California where I live (Marin County, just north of the GG Bridge)......
and beyond.
- Life in general for photographers, such as I see it from my personal perspective -
I've been working w/ photography for 30+ years now, and Bob Dylan sure was right:
"The times they are-a-changin' " - and it never stops ( goddamit!)

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