Monday, September 6, 2010

I've had a number of comments submitted, over the course of this blog.
I am not real good at dealing w/ all the "in's and out's of the 'blogsphere", or 'moderating' these comments in any way.
Perhaps showing up to say "thanks!" for the comments, will suffice? I hope so.
I will continue to attempt to write something intelligent, come hell or high water.
I do this in large part, because of the excellent teachers I had many years ago, at Northern Virginia Community College. They 'passed it on' and i would be relinquent not to do the same. Joyce Tennyson, Anne Salley, Bob Capps, Frank DiPerna, Tom Devlin and Michael Platt?? I love all of you, I hope i am 'continuing on' as you would wish. I've always loved the 'path' you set me on, no regrets, ever!
Thank you!!!

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