Saturday, January 29, 2011

"life liberty and pursuit of happiness!"

I've railed for along time about the down sides to this new technology, and there are many... but when i see what is going on in Egypt, and watch the constant stream of twitter updates on and how ( egyptian) people are making some things happen that were not on any prognosticators map?
I can't help but cheer!!!
I am also listening to a collection of Mark Isham work, soundtracks to recent war related movies, that's my soundtrack to this... a very good one.
People are standing up, and some are dying....
MLK said in his speech on the Wash. DC mall many years ago, in so many words.... "life liberty and pursuit of happiness!"
"the riches of justice, the security of freedom"
if you have never watched it, watch it NOW!
The message seems to resound, and echo, across the world.... no matter how many years it's been.
...and no matter who hears it? they definitely get it!
Bob Marley said it pretty well too - "get up, stand up, stand up for your rights!"
I think many americans are watching w/ bated breath - we definitely want you to succeed! - !!! an end to the dictator!!!!

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